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reading, watching TV, music, walking in the mountains, horse racing + riding, zoology, archaeology, Medieval + Classical Studies, general outdoors stuff
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Dal Rassak


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Jul 29 2013, 10:26 AM
I wonder how Cardassians react to those in their society that do not fall into accepted norms. Personally I doubt the attitudes would be all that favourable.

The question of disability has already been addressed, but I'd like to widen the discussion and go into it in some more depth.
Now when it comes to handicap, I should say that inherited disability, as in a physical handicap someone is born with (rather than say, injury acquired in combat which would certainly be seen as honourable), I do not think Cardassian society would show any tolerance at all.
I take my view from other imperialist and warlike societies that have existed on earth in history. In ancient Rome and Sparta, for instance, both harsh societies obsessed with conquest, it was common practice for disabled or otherwise sickly children to be discarded like living rubbish - in Rome literally on the rubbish dump outside of the town walls, while Sparta had its "place of forgetting" in the wilderness where weak and handicapped infants would be left to die of exposure or attack by wild animals, whichever came soonest.

Now all the elements established in canon for Cardassia point to a society that would place premium value on physical health and perfection. A resource-poor society doesn't succour those who can't fend for themselves or fulfil a useful function. A stratocratic society desires strong women who can bear strong future soldiers. Physical handicap would be quite an offensive thing to them, a sign of defective genes.
They're totalitarian, militaristic, elitist and supremacist - basically a Nazi analogy.
I think it makes sense that therefore their view on the body would closely reflect the ideologies of Nazism. Any disabled children would be seen as "weakening the race" and very probably euthanased immediately after birth, and the parent compulsorily sterilized to prevent them breeding and passing on their defective genes in future. I can see Cardassian scientists being quite heavily into eugenics - how do we optimize our potential, how do we make ourselves as strong and healthy as possible?

Same for homosexuality as for disability - a society that worships the ideal of family to such a degree wouldn't tolerate displays of same-sex affection. Homosexuality would be seen as a disease and an aberrance, and they'd do their best to breed any such tendencies out of the population.
I'd say anyone found to exhibit such preferences would also be forcibly sterilized so they could not have offspring; any offspring they'd already produced would be closely monitored to see if they displayed the same leanings; certainly the relatives would suffer public shame for their family member's transgression against "nature, decency and the moral health of the nation".

Both disabled and homosexual individuals might also be turned into guinea-pigs for medical experiments on occasion, as the one way they can usefully "serve" their people.
So that's some thoughts on that. General opinions please!
Jul 2 2013, 08:25 AM
Hi! How are you? ... now get out of my face before I kill you hahahaha.

Some of you here know me already; one or two of you rather better than had been my intention... step forward the Dishonourable Members, you know who you are. XD
I've been here since the start of April but this is Cardassia and formalities must be observed.

So, hm: male, 20s, underappreciated freelance writer and photographer with too little money. Often severely disagrees with own mind.
Passionate for the outdoors but also likes his indoors where he can spend many happy hours reading, watching TV, drinking and listening to music... biggrin.gif [MOD EDIT: Please note that this board is for 13+, not 18+. As such, please refrain from discussion of 18+ activities. --NG].

Likes unnecessarily intellectual pursuits like Ancient Greek and ridiculously expensive desserts, of which he's apt to order two.
Detests two-faced hypocrites and mindless bigots and is of the opinion that all such should be publicly put to death with extreme prejudice.

Addicted to race-horses and re-runs of "TimeTeam".

Would not make an ideal Cardassian in real life, as he finds any temperature above 28C entirely uncalled-for and has a pathological dislike of small children.

...And I'm the best damn fighter pilot in the enitre Union fleet.


- that Cardassian enough? tongue.gif
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