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May 28 2014, 01:08 AM
Though this was a little while back, I had a couple of friends over for First Contact Day, in which I served quite a few alien foods. ^^

Plomeek Soup for appetizer. It's slightly sweet, and very delicious, but it was also the most time-consuming of the dishes I made that day.

For mains - Zabu in a white yamok sauce over Terran pasta.

For dessert - Thalian chocolate mousse with icoberry cream. The chocolate was very rich, so the tartness of the berries was a good balance for it. ^^

I had fun experimenting with alien foods, I definitely want to do it again. ^^
Jan 10 2014, 01:11 AM
Has anyone read this?

It's a novel-length work by Una McCormack, apparently a fanfic based on Garak and Tain's plot to destroy the Founder's homework actually succeeding. I haven't read it yet, but am very excited about the premise!
Nov 11 2013, 01:50 AM
I donned my scales and a spiffy new dress, and spent some time with the Terrans (and Orions, and Andorians, and Klingons) this past Saturday, at a charity event benefiting the USO. ^^ It was a rather fabulous show, and we had a great turnout! Here are some pics from the evening.









By the end of the evening, I had stopped smiling because my chin piece had detached and it was very noticeable when I smiled. XP I'm a little sad the chest scales don't show up so well in photos, but they look great in person, so I'm still happy I took the time to make them.

The lovely Orions are actually a bellydance group called Orions Envy. They were fantastic enough to drive all the way from Louisiana to attend the show and perform. We also had some Star Wars folks show up, as well as some Ghostbusters, so it was a nicely rounded geeky event. XD
Aug 5 2013, 11:56 AM
Just returned from a fabulous week of spaceships and sci-fi goodness. First, the Trek fangroup that I belong to was asked to come to NASA and be the honour guard from the unveiling of the restored Galileo shuttlecraft from TOS, which was being installed as a permanent piece at the Houston Space Center. We were treated as VIP guests, along with the actors from all manner of sci-fi shows and movies and the scientists and astronauts that came to attend the event. It was rather fantastic.

Me with Gilora Rejal XD:

Don Marshall, the last surviving member of the Galileo Seven (besides Nimoy) signing a piece of the unrestored hull:

This restored shuttle in its new home:

Our group with the family that bought and restored the shuttle:

The rest of my vacation was spent recruiting for the 1701st Fleet at Space City Con, a multi-fandom convention. There were a large number of fangroups present, and there were a lot of different set pieces that had been created for photo ops - a section of the Deathstar's hallway by the 501st, the Stargate, Tardis, and a holodeck arch by the USS Joshua, and my personal favourite, the rescued and restored bridge of the Enterprise-D! biggrin.gif There were also some amazing costumes, which is always a highlight of any con for me. XD

To be continued...
Jul 12 2013, 12:36 AM
So, I just came across this, and I was super impressed with it. What it really is is a man's collection of screen-used Star Trek costumes and props, focusing on Vulcan artifacts in particular. The way he has presented it is very professional - he's photographed everything in museum format and provided small write ups with every piece.

The Kolinahr Museum of Vulcan Culture

I'd love to see a Cardassian version of this!
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