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May 28 2014, 01:32 AM
Only one day left until Fedcon in Düsseldorf. Is there anybody going to visit this convention? I will be there. Perhaps even in a Cardassian costume. And there will be some cool Star Trek actors there.
Mar 9 2014, 04:25 PM
I just opened this thread for my drawings. I haven`t drawn for several years, so don`t expect too much. wink.gif But I would like to do it more often now if there`s the time for it.

First I drew one of my favourite scenes from the first book of the Terok Nor trilogy. It is just a quick, rough sketch in comic style with a pencil. It is the scene in which Rhan Ico and Kubus Oak have a conversation about the future of Bajor. Rhan Ico touched Kubus Oak`s cheek that was pleasantly warm and then...
Feb 27 2014, 04:01 PM
There is a phenomen with the Cardassians I recognized sometimes. It is the need for forgiveness.
By their nature Cardassians show not much compassion or empathy to others and if they would feel so they are too proud to show it. But I recognized that it is important for Garak and also for Dukat in some way to ask for forgiveness. Today I watched "The implant" one more time and there Garak tells Bashir different stories but in all he mentioned he did bad things and he deserves the pain and when he was nearly dying he answered to Bashir's question why Garak told him all this stories because he wants forgiveness. And after he tortured Odo and they were attacked by the Jem Hadar in the shuttle back home (and it is a possibly deadly situation, otherwise he wouldn't do that I think) he apologies his deed. In general Cardassians are too proud to admit that but in extreme situations they ask for forgiveness. The same with Dukat who always wants forgiveness from Kira and Sisko, especially when he gets mad. Also did Marritza who indirectly wanted the forgiveness of the Bajorans if they get their justice. And this concerns other races as Bajorans and humans. Maybe they still believe they are superiour but they seem not to think that other races are totally worthless. Many humans believe they were superiour over animals but that doesn't justify to be cruel to animals at all because they are still living beings. So I think Cardassians often feel guilty for their deeds but is this the reason for asking for forgiveness? This seems to be a very human behaviour. Is the root their Oralian heritage maybe?
Feb 12 2014, 05:28 PM
I am reading the Terok Nor trilogy at the moment and there was the smell of the Cardassians mentioned. Darrah, a Bajoran, pulled a Cardassian woman to his side and her sweat smells odd and metallic what should typical for her species. So this includes two informations: Cardassians sweat and the smell of the sweat. For me it is hard to imagine.

What do you think what is the smell of a Cardassian? And how does it appear to other species like humans or Bajorans?
Jan 29 2014, 11:49 AM
Is there anybody going to Destination Star Trek in Frankfurt on 21-23th february 2014?

I plan to go on saturday and sunday. The guest list is quite impressive. But the tickets are also quite expensive. Here is the link to the website:

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Draken Kosset
Hello Ziyal. I am very happy to have found this forum. I have been a big fan of Crdassians ever since I first saw the on TNG and later on DS9. would you like to become a friend of mine on this forum?
Apr 12 2014, 03:27 PM
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