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Oct 25 2013, 03:35 PM
OOC: Since I'm the new guy (or Cardassian I should say), I'd like to share my unfinished writing on a character which I've developed. This represents the early period in a Cardassian Officer Academy life, it is by no means canon and is how I view the experiences one would have in a harsh, disciplined military society. These experiences are alien to Americans which would view them as violent or excessive/extreme, but there are nations in the world (Russia, China, Japan, Koreas, Vietnam, etc) which build discipline through what western Europe and the U.S. would consider extreme.

Here goes

Marritza returned to her living quarters confused and a little angry regarding her new assignment. She just returned from her meeting with several representatives of the Detapa Council and was being assigned to a Federation liaison in order to share information about Cardassian society. At least a Klingon would understand to some extent, but these Federation races were weak and undisciplined. Our ways would seem harsh to their feeble minds and yet it is who we are. Humans lack the capacity to see something one time and practice it successfully throughout their life.

She walked over to her personal bar and grabbed a bottle of kanar and a glass to ponder this, not knowing where to begin or what information they sought. The Federation ambassador present said to write up whatever came to mind as any information would help reconstruction leaders to better understand the Cardassian culture. She sat down in her lounge and began drinking the kanar,
After a few glasses of the strong liquor, she closed her eyes bringing her back the her earliest experiences.
Oct 25 2013, 04:24 AM
Greetings my fellow Cardassians,

My name is Legate Nador Ekoor, I have been one of the very few Cardassians on the Star Trek Online forums. I am also the only Cardassian doing what we do best (antagonizing the Federation and those Bajorans).

I do apologize for my tardiness on this wonderful website, I just now encountered it earlier today. I was so pleasantly surprised that I was not the only Cardassian fan and I've finally found a home to hang my hat.

Although Cardassians are not a playable species on Star Trek Online YET, I started a fleet up called the Jevonite Order. I invite everyone who may be interested in playing an all Cardassian fleet. Regarding the fleet, IF there are any super stud (or studdets) that are web page fixer upers; I REALLY REALLY NEED HELP. You see, Computers, Technology, and fashion sense are not in this Old Soldier's vocabulary. It doesn't help that I'm colorblind either.

So, if there are any willing patriots to help me out, I'd certainly appreciate any assistance.

Thank You again

Nador Ekoor
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