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Nov 24 2015, 12:59 PM
We see some pretty sophisticated technology by the 24th century, including not just the ability to detect biosigns at a great distance, but also to determine what species that individual is. Yet we have seen Cardassia on multiple occasions be able to insert deep-cover agents and get away with it for years on end, even in places like DS9 and Voyager where one would expect this kind of deep scanning to be almost constant. How are the deep-cover agents evading detection? Their surgical techniques seem to be very advanced but do you also feel there is more to it, and if so, what?
Sep 2 2015, 12:23 PM
Something I've been wondering about for a do you guys see the terms "Prefect" and "Exarch"?

We have one canon example for each: Gul Dukat as prefect, and Kotan Pa'Dar as exarch.

Are these terms specific to the Occupation of Bajor, or do you think these are titles that also have a use on worlds inhabited by Cardassians as well, maybe even including Cardassia Prime for one or both?

What is the relationship between a prefect and an exarch? My personal impression was that before the fall of the Union, the military prefect holds the actual power, and the exarch is comparable to the role the Detapa Council had prior to its dissolution--merely a symbolic rubber stamp on whatever the prefect does. (Failure to obey can have serious consequences...which IMO may well be what happened to Pa'Dar: he dared to stand up to Dukat.)

Do you think one or both of these titles continue to hold relevance after the Dominion War? How might the definitions change for whichever term(s) remains extant post-war?

Below is a little background on what an Earth exarch and prefect are:

Exarch (secular): "In the Byzantine Empire, an exarch (/ˈɛksɑrk/; Ancient Greek: ἔξαρχος exarchos) was a governor with extended authority over a province at some distance from the capital Constantinople. The prevailing situation frequently involved him in military operations."

There is also an ecclesiastic definition of exarch that remains in modern usage in the Eastern Orthodox church and for eastern rite Catholics. Without delving into the ins and outs of that, I do wonder if that kind of connection could hint at the Cardassian title being some sort of carryover from the Oralian era, given the possibility that the Universal Translator may have sought to match one dual-usage term to one with similar connotations on Earth.

Prefect: The term "prefect" has seen a LOT of use IRL, and it began with the Roman Empire, where it could be used in praetorian, police and civil, military, religious, and provincial governorship contexts. In feudal times it could be used for many types of officials. In modern times, it has uses ranging from religious to academic (most often Commonwealth--the US does not typically honor such a position for students), regional governorship, and command of police jurisdictions, depending on the country.

This is another dual-use term, although it is much more common to encounter it in a secular context IRL than the term exarch. The concept of regional governorship can be tied to both terms; however, the term "prefect" does have military and police variants, which "exarch" does not.
Sep 2 2015, 09:45 AM
I know we have one or two people here who play Star Trek Online, and here are a couple of points I am curious to know about from other players.

In game, we see a Cardassia that has been partially demilitarized, retaining a defense force for use within its borders. They continue to face the threat of a resurgent True Way, a terrorist/paramilitary group bent on returning Cardassia to its former dictatorial and oppressive ways. They appear to have an independent and democratic government, and when we see the citizens of the Union and the forces of the legitimate Cardassian Defense Force without the influence of the True Way, most of the time they seem respectable. However, their ambassador to the Federation is a very suspicious and squirrelly individual, suggesting that the more unfavorable elements still have not been completely removed from Cardassian politics.

One plus I have noticed about the game is that it is always made VERY clear that you are fighting the True Way and not the Union itself. The entire Cardassian people are never painted with the brush of the True Way terrorists.

One minus is that part of the True Way's power is seen to come from a breakaway faction from the Dominion that has taken up residence in the Alpha that I don't understand why the Federation didn't force back into the Gamma Quadrant upon discovery.

For players of STO, what are your reflections on Cardassia as it's shown in the game? Do you hope for Cardassia to become a mini-faction like the game's Romulan Republic, or would you prefer that not happen? For me, one problem is the possibility that there would be a Cardassian-KDF faction, which I see as unacceptable given the Klingons' guilt in sowing the seeds for the Dominion War and ousting the dissidents--behavior that according to the in-game backstory, they have failed to learn from.

What path if any do you think Cardassia might be able to take to convince the Federation and other powers that the treaty restrictions have served their purpose and can now be lifted--or should they be kept limited until there is no longer evidence that even a significant minority of Cardassians support a return to the evils of the past?
Jul 13 2015, 11:52 PM
Here's something I've wondered about.

For the episode "Second Skin," Memory Alpha notes that the writers came very close to leaving it unresolved whether or not Kira Nerys was in fact Iliana Ghemor. Although I thought we got a very beautiful, very powerful episode out of it as it was, this is something I have very much wondered about (you might have even guessed that based on my user name).

How do you think it would have affected her character arc if she were unable to know for sure whether she was Nerys or Iliana? What possibilities might that have opened up for the show's writers? Or what possibilities that we actually saw in the show might have been closed as a result of that choice?
Jul 3 2015, 07:42 PM
I tried to post in the Movie Thread about a movie currently in theaters, and tried to use the Spoiler tags on a several-paragraph analysis to no avail.

Testing them here on something shorter...


Nope, no luck.

Can any of you figure out how to make it work?
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Feb 28 2012, 01:02 AM
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